Latest Special Releases

July 16, 2018Ref No.: 2018-030

The production of Fruits, Vegetables, and Non-Food and Industrial Crops (NFICs) in ARMM increased by 2.95 percent in 2017 compared with that of the previous year. This growth was significantly attributed to the production of sugarcane (+204.7 percent), rubber (+9.90 percent), banana (+... read more

July 13, 2018Ref No.: 2018-004

Buluan is a 4th class municipality in the second district of the province of Maguindanao with seven (7) barangays and served as the capital of the province. According to the 2015 Census of Population (POPCEN 2015), it has a total population of 50,008 persons. There are more males (50.9... read more

July 12, 2018Ref No.: 2018-029

The results of the 2015 Census of Population (POPCEN 2015) showed that the total population of the the province of Maguindanao reached 1,173,933 persons, which were projected at 1,230,900 persons. From this population, more than half (50.7 percent) are men. By 2020, the region’s total... read more

July 6, 2018Ref No.: 2018-027

The average farmgate price of backyard livestock commodities in ARMM for the first quarter of 2018 is recorded at P124.76 per kilogram. This is 32.6 percent higher than that of the first quarter of the previous year. Among the four major livestock commodities in the region, goat,... read more

July 6, 2018Ref No.: 2018-028

ARMM ranked last among the 16 regions in the country in terms of livestock production in the first quarter of 2018 contributing 1.1 percent of the total production (Figure 1). This is also true in hog production with a share of 0.6 percent, while the region ranked 15th in carabao... read more