What is PRISMA?

PRISMA is the official quarterly publication of PSA-ARMM. It contains reports on results of various statistical surveys and censuses, highlights of civil registration services, special events and activities promoting coordination with data stakeholders in ARMM.
PRISMA comes from the word prism, which is by definition a transparent geometrical shape that breaks up light into spectral colors. A prism symbolizes the general objective of this publication in the way that the latter serves as PSA-ARMM’s medium to communicate its function to the public, that is, aside from the production of quality statistics and civil registration services, to disseminate technical information in a manner that is easily comprehensible.
The team behind PRISMA produces information materials in accordance with PSA’s corporate personality: professional – discussions are solely based on actual and reliable statistics; responsive – social issues are addressed with statistical data gathering and analyses; innovative and strategic – constant improvement of the delivery of information; and motivated – influencing the promotion of the welfare and development of the people in ARMM.