PSA-BARMM enjoins the public to support the conduct of 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey

May 4, 2022Press Release Ref No.: PR-BARMM-22-006

04 May 2022 – Cotabato City, BARMM. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in partnership with ICF International, USAID, and Commission on Population (PopCom) announces the conduct of the 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS).

The Philippines 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) is a national sample survey designed to provide information on population, fertility, family planning, marriage, child health, child survival, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), reproductive health, nutrition, gender issues, and tobacco and alcohol use. Also, information on child discipline and early childhood development will be collected in this NDHS round.  

The 2022 NDHS will involve interviewing respondents from randomly selected households, and within selected households, women who are 15 to 49 years old. These respondents will be asked questions about their background, the children they have given birth to, their knowledge and use of family planning methods, the health of their children, their awareness of HIV/AIDS and STIs, and other information that will be helpful to policymakers and program planners in health and family planning fields. 

The survey aims to provide information on marriage, fertility levels, fertility preferences, awareness and use of family planning methods, breastfeeding, child health, child mortality, awareness and behavior regarding HIV/AIDS, women’s empowerment, domestic violence, and other health-related issues such as smoking.

The following are specific objectives: 

  • to collect data that allow the estimation of demographic rates, particularly fertility rates and under-five mortality rates;
  • to analyze the direct and indirect factors which determine the level and patterns of fertility;
  • to measure the level of contraceptive knowledge and practice by method, urban-rural residence, and region;
  • to collect data on health immunization, prenatal and postnatal check-ups, assistance at delivery, breastfeeding, and prevalence and treatment of diarrhea, fever, and acute respiratory infection among children below three (3) years old;
  • to collect data on utilization of health facilities, the prevalence of common non-communicable and infectious diseases, and membership in PhilHealth;
  • to determine the knowledge of women about AIDS and the extent of misconception on HIV transmission and access to HIV testing; and
  • to determine the extent of violence against women.
In line with this, the PSA enjoins the public to support the 2022 NDHS by providing the required information to authorized PSA interviewers who will visit the sample households and individuals to conduct the personal interview, enumeration period will start from 02 May to 22 June 2022.
OIC-Regional Director