31st National Statistics Month Infographics (Poster) Contest

October 7, 2020Press Release Ref No.: N/A

During this month of October, the Philippine Statistics Authority is spearheading the month-long celebration of the National Statistics Month (NSM). This year marks the 31st National Statistics Month and the PSA BARMM will conduct an infographics (poster) contest that encourages the BARMM Senior High School students to participate. This contest aims to foster appreciation of the new technology and innovation in information dissemination. 

The 31st NSM Infographics (Poster) Contest is open to all Senior High School in BARMM with the following mechanics and criteria: 


  • Representative’s Information: The representative or contestant of the school shall submit his/her accomplished FORM 1 thru this email address sadcornell.psaarmm@gmail.com. (herein attached FORM 1)
  • Theme: The infographics should contain information related to the 31st NSM theme “Bringing Digital Gaps: Making Information Available to All”.
  • Infographic (Poster) size: the poster size should be in portrait format with 24inches (width) x 36 inches (length) excluding the white margins. The entry should be in JPEG format in (600 x 1200 dpi) high resolution.
  • Submission of Entries: All entries shall be submitted to PSA BARMM RSSO thru email add at sadcornell.psaarmm@gmail.com and we will be accepting entries until 5:00 PM of 26 October 2020. Entries received beyond the deadline shall automatically be disqualified.

Entries to be submitted should include the following details: 

  1. Subject: 31st NSM Infographics (Poster) Contest_Name of School (Ex.: 31st NSM Infographics (Poster) Contest_Upi Agricultural School-Senior High School)
  2. Body email:
    a. Name of the constant
    b. Name of the school represented
    c. Poster description or caption (must not exceed 30 words)
    d. Mobile Number of the contestant or coach
    e. Attached FORM 1
  • By participating in the 31st NSM Infographics (Poster) Contest, the contestant attests that the submitted infographic is originally created by the participant and no other party has any right, title, claim or interest in the infographic. PSA BARMM RSSO reserves the right to verify this through various means and disqualify any entry at any time.
  • All submitted entries will be deemed property of PSA BARMM RSSO.
  • The winner agrees to the disclosure and publication of their full names and infographic in any photo, publicity or other media arrangements made by PSA BARMM RSSO related to the announcement of the results of the 31st NSM Infographics (Poster) Contest. 

Criteria for Judging: 

Criteria Weight Description
Content/Relevance to the theme  50%
Appropriate details support the theme
Accurate and detailed information
Visual Appeal/Creativity  30%
Outstanding use of color, design and space
Overall design is pleasing and harmonious
Originality  10% Original and creative design
Technicalities  10%
Free grammatical errors
Words are legible and pertinent to topic
TOTAL 100%  


1st Runner Up – P5,000.00

2nd Runner Up – P3,000.00

3rd Runner Up – P2,000.00

Consolation prize – P500.00


(Chief Statistical Specialist)