PSA-BARMM conducts 2nd Level Training on Preparation and Printing of Barangay/EA/Block Maps for the 2020 CPH

January 16, 2020Press Release Ref No.: PR-ARMM-20-001

The 2nd Level Training on Preparation and Printing of Barangay/EA/Block Maps for the 2020 CPH has been successfully conducted on 06 - 08 of January 2019 at Jehan Hall, Al-Nor Hotel and Convention Center, Cotabato City. A total of 36 participants composed of Provincial Statistics Officers (PSOs), Provincial Focal Persons, Regional Mapping Clerk, Map Data Processors (MDPs), Map Data Reviewers (MDRs), and RSSO staff attended this training. This was headed by OIC-Regional Director Razulden A. Mangelen and Chief-SOCD Mahmur H. Sarail and facilitated by Mr. Ongkili A. Mohammad, Information Systems Analyst of RSSO and also the Regional Focal Person of Geotagging.

During the conduct of enumeration for the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH), all field personnel involved in this undertaking are required to use maps to guide them while performing the listing and enumeration activities in their respective areas of assignment. These maps are also used to reflect updates on basic ground features like roads and streets, and to record the existence of new building structures on the ground and the corresponding building serial numbers. 

The preparation of maps for use in the census operation is divided into four distinct parts: 1) Creation of Geopackage Raster File, 2) Creation of Block Maps, 3) Preparation for Printing of Block Maps, and 4) Review of the Printed EA Maps. The PSA Provincial  Statistical Offices are responsible for the reproduction of maps prior to the conduct of trainings in their areas and also responsible for the distribution of these materials to the 2020 CPH Enumerators and Supervisors. In line with this activity, the newly-hired Map Data Processor, Map Data Reviewer and Regional Mapping Clerk are required to follow the procedures laid out for this activity. 

The Map Data Processor is tasked to perform the first three parts of these procedures while the Map Data Reviewer takes charge of the fourth part. The Regional Mapping Clerk is responsible for the consolidation and archiving of provincial map outputs within the region.  

The general objective of the activity on the preparation of maps for the 2020 CPH is to come up with reliable and accurate printout maps of enumeration areas (EAs), barangays, and cities/municipalities. Also, the generation of block maps taken from specific portions, particularly those with high concentration of residential buildings, of an EA is covered under this activity. 


(Chief Statistical Specialist)