PSA-BARMM conducts Training on the April 2019 LFS

May 2, 2019Press Release Ref No.: PR-ARMM-19-004

The Second Level Training on April 2019 Labor Force Survey (LFS) have been successfully conducted on 25 to 27 March 2019 at PSA- ARMM Regional Office, Cotabato City. A total of six participants composed of OIC-Regional Director Razulden A. Mangelen, Chief SOCD Mahmur H. Sarail and RSSO staffs attended this training.

Ms. Aquessa L. Macud, Statistical Specialist II and the Regional Focal Person of PSA - Regional Statistics service Office was served as the resource person during the 3-day training.

The Labor Force Survey (LFS) is a nationwide quarterly survey of households undertaken by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to gather data on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population. The reporting unit was the household which implied that statistics emanating from this survey referred to the characteristics of the population residing in the private households. Persons who reside in the institutions are not within the scope of the survey. The objectives of this survey are to provide statistics on levels and trends of employment, unemployment, and underemployment for the country, as well as to provide quantitative framework for the preparation of plans and formulation of policies affecting the labor market. Specifically, the LFS is designed to collect information on the distribution of household population 15 years old and over by employment status, by sex, and age group; distribution of employed persons by major occupation group, major industry group, class of worker, number of hours worked, highest grade completed, nature of employment, and by sex; distribution of underemployed persons by total hours worked, major occupation group, class of worker, and by sex; and distribution of unemployed persons by age group, highest grade completed, by number of weeks looking for work, job search method, and by sex. A nationwide sample of about 42,768 households will be selected to obtain information on the levels of employment and unemployment at the national and regional levels.

The April 2019 LFS is the second quarter of the LFS 2019 in which during this round there were additional questions that was added and this is about the Own-Use Production Work in the Last Seven Days. These questions are about all those who performed any of the activities, i.e. producing and/or processing for storage agricultural, fishing, hunting and gathering products, in order to produce food stuff that contribute to the livelihood of the household or family; excluded are persons who engaged in such production as recreational or leisure activities. Persons in own-use production work are defined as all those of working age who, during a short reference period, performed any activity to produce goods for own final use. Own-use production will be asked for all household members aged 5 years old and over.

The PSA - Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) has 2,477 sample households, 233 barangays, 65 municipalities and 35 statistical researchers and this was randomly selected and divided to its five provinces (See Table 1) and enumeration started on 08 April 2019.

Technical Notes:

covers: producing and/or processing for storage agricultural, fishing, hunting and gathering products; collecting and/or processing for storage mining and forestry products, including firewood and other fuels;

1. fetching water from natural and other sources; manufacturing household goods (such as furniture, textiles, clothing, footwear, pottery or other durables, including boats and canoes); building, or effecting major repairs to, one’s own dwelling, farm buildings, etc.

2. is interpreted as production where the intended destination of the output is mainly for final use by the producer in the form of capital formation, or final consumption by household members, or by family members living in other households, a part or surplus may nevertheless be sold or bartered.

3. refers to work performed in the various activities under 1 and 2 for cumulative total of at least one hour.


(Chief Statistical Specialist)