PSA-ARMM reviews 1st Quarter Regional Data on Agricultural Statistics

June 1, 2018Press Release Ref No.: 2018-008

PSA-ARMM conducted the Regional Data Review (RDR) on Agricultural Statistics for the 1st Quarter of 2018 last April 17-19, 2018 at Conference Room, PSA-ARMM Regional Office, Cotabato City.

Regional Data Review (RDR) for Agricultural Statistics (AgStat) is a quarterly activity of each Regional Statistical Service Office of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) participated by the Regional Director (RD), Chief of Statistical Operations and Coordination Division (SOCD), Provincial Statistics Officers (PSO), Regional and Provincial Focal Persons (RF/PFPs) for AgStat. This is usually conducted after the Provincial Data Review (PDR) of each Provincial Office. Data Review activities aim to re-validate and evaluate the accuracy of figures and appropriateness of remarks indicated in the compiling system. RDR further reviews the results of PDR to be able to consolidate for regional estimates which will then be reviewed during the National Data Review.

The data being reviewed in this activity includes statistics on Cereals such as Palay and Corn; Other Crops (CrPS) such as Fruits, Non-Food and Industrial Crops (NFICs), and Vegetables; Farm Prices (FPAS); Fisheries including Aquaculture, Commercial, Marine Municipal and Inland Fisheries; and Backyard Livestock and Poultry.

Ms. Marilou A. Gorospe, Statistical Specialist II and Regional Focal Person delivered a message to officially open the program and welcome its participants.

On the second day of RDR, the participants reviewed or validated the data on Other Crops (Fruits, NFICCs & Vegetables), Fisheries sectors (Aquaculture, Commercial, Municipal & Inland), Cereals (PCPS) Palay and Corn and BLPS/CLPS (Backyard Livestock and Poultry EDRW). Each of the provinces were able to submit their reports before the end of the RDR, although some were incomplete. Participants reviewed and analyzed the initial results of the data presented.

The third day of RDR focused on the consolidation of validated reports submitted by the five Provincial Offices and presentation of regional estimates. The final regional estimates for Other Crops (CrPS), Fisheries, FPAS, Cereals (PCPS) and Backyard Livestock and Poultry Survey (BLPS) were presented by Ms. Gorospe.

Results of RDR will then be further reviewed during the National Data Review (NDR) on April 22–27, 2018 which will be attended by Ms. Gorospe and Ms. Rubikha I. Ishmael, Statistical Specialist II.


(Chief Statistical Specialist)