PSA-ARMM conducts Training on the 2018 Comprehensive Updating of List of Establishments (ULE) – CPBI Phase 1

March 27, 2018Press Release Ref No.: 2018-004

The 2nd Level Training on 2018 Comprehensive Updating of the List of Establishment (ULE) – CPBI Phase 1 has been successfully conducted on March 12-16, 2018 at the Conference Room, PSA-ARMM Regional Office, Cotabato City.

The Census of Philippine Business and Industry (CBPI) is one of the three censuses conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). The 2018 CBPI is the 16th in the series of economic censuses in the Philippines. There are two major phases of 2018 CPBI – 2018 CPBI Phase 1 or the Comprehensive 2018 Updating of the List of Establishments (ULE) which will involve inquiry on the basic characteristics of establishments to update the Statistical Business Register (SBR) for the preparation of the sample census frame; and 2018 CPBI Phase 2 or the actual 2018 Census of Philippine Business and Industry, which will be conducted next year. The ULE operations are undertaken primarily to provide an updated and reliable frame for the establishment-based and enterprise-based surveys and census. This is also a door-to-door canvassing and inquiry from establishments which will be done to update the status and basic characteristics of the establishments listed in the SBR and to add information for new establishments or those which are not yet listed in SBR.

Ms. Marilou A. Gorospe, Statistical Specialist II of PSA-ARMM RSSO and the Regional Focal Person of CPBI presented Chapters 1, 3 and 5 of the manual on the first and second day of the training, respectively. On the other hand, PSA Ms. Nenita P. Rebarter, Officer-in-Charge of the Service and Industry Census Division of the PSA Central Office, presented Chapters 2, 4, and 6 and 7 on the second, third and fourth day of the training, respectively. She also instructed the participants to be familiarized with the 2009 PSIC. In the afternoon of the fourth day, the participants went to Barangay RH-9, Cotabato City for the field practice. The participants from each Provincial Office were asked to give their observations and experiences, suggestions and comments, and issues and concerns regarding the field practice on the last day of the training. These were noted by the focal person. 



(Sgd) ABUBAKAR S. ASAAD, Ph.D. (Statistics)
Regional Director, PSA-ARMM