PSA-ARMM conducts Second Level Training on ANACONDA

December 30, 2017Press Release Ref No.: 2017-003
PSA-ARMM conducted the 2nd Level Training for the Analysis of Causes of National Deaths for Actions (ANACONDA) on December 18-19, 2017 at RSSO-ARMM CRASD Conference Room, Cotabato City. A total of nine participants composed of Focal Persons, Provincial Statistical Officers from the PSA Provincial Offices of ARMM, Chief CRASD. The Resource Speaker for the two-day training is Mr. Nurosalam C. Caludtiag, Acting Assistant Statistician.
ANACONDA is an electronic tool that checks the plausibility or quality of mortality levels and of the cause of death (COD) data using information about established epidemiological and demographic patterns. It uses a step-wise approach and applies complex algorithms and functions to assess the input COD and population data. The systematic use of comparator data from the Global Burden of Disease Study helps in the identification of potential data quality issues. It was developed because many low-and middle-income countries have great difficulties collecting COD data because (1) they don’t have functioning CRVS systems and they don’t have doctors that can certify the COD; (2) Availability of data does not guarantee quality; and (3) Policy should be informed by accurate and timely data.
On the first day of training, Mr. Caludtiag discussed the flow of data processing. He demonstrated the generation of statistics needed using the ANACONDA software. Participants have undergone a workshop on this and presented their outputs using the data from POPCEN 2015 and 2015 CRVS results. Based on the reports presented, Basilan has the highest performance index across provinces in the region, though ARMM has the lowest performance index in the country.
(Sgd) ABUBAKAR S. ASAAD, Ph.D. (Statistics)
Regional Director, PSA-ARMM