PSA-BARMM conducts orientation on PSA Awards

May 6, 2020News Article Ref No.: NL-BARMM-20-007
Participants and resource persons during the Orientation-Workshop on PSA Awards and Preparation of PCNR.

PSA-BARMM conducted an Orientation-Workshop on PSA Awards and Preparation of Provincial Consolidated Narrative Report (PCNR) last 29 to 31 January 2020 at PSA-BARMM Regional Office, Cotabato City.

This was headed by OIC-Regional Director Razulden A. Mangelen and facilitated by Farhana Jane S. Linso, Statistical Analyst of PSA-BARMM. Two representatives from each of the offices, such as SOCD, CRASD and the five provncial offices of PSA-BARMM, attended this workshop.

The program started with the reporting of issues and status of submission of PCNR in 2019 by Linso. She reported that the performance of the provinces in terms of submission of PCNR has improved as compared with that of in the previous year. Issues such as standarization of reports, lack of supporting documents, unreported events and no submission of report were highlighted in this section.

Mahmur H. Sarail, Chief of the Statistical Operations and Coordination Division (SOCD), presented the summary of ratings of PSA-BARMM in PSA Field Awards in 2018 in all categories such as Statistical Operatons, Statistical Planning and Coordination, Statistical Frameworks and Indicators System, Civil Registration, Financial, Human Resource and Administrative Service, Information Dissemination and Partnership and Linkages.

Cayang M. Macud, Chief of the Civil Regsitration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD), explained that the Regional Consolidated Narrative Report (RCNR) is the basis for rating of the performance of field offices. In 2018, PSA-BARMM had significantly low ratings in different categories. One of the possible reasons for this is the improper reporting and/or lack of supporting documents attached in the RCNR. In order to resolve this issue, the Office of the Regional Director (ORD) spearheads the conduct of this program.

According to CRASD Chief Macud, this workshop aims to 1) Introduce the participants to the 2019 PSA Awards Manual; 2) Determine the activities that are rated based on RCNR; 3) Identify the required documents to be attached in each report; and 4) Standardize the reports of the provincial offices and divisions.

To formally start the workshop, Linso presented the General Guidelines of the 2019 PSA Awards Manual. This was followed by the presentation of criteria for each caterogry, beginning with the Statistical Operations. Aquessa L. Macud, Statistical Specialist II, and Norhayyah A. Tula, Senior Statistical Specialist, detailed the reports to be submitted for Surveys on Social Statistics and Surveys for Agricultural Statistics, respectively, which are both under the category of Household-Based Surveys. Marilou A. Gorospe, Statistical Specialist II, and Estrella R. Padilla, Supervising Statistical Specialist, continued to report on Census and Sampling Frames, and Establishment Surveys and Administrative Data, respectively. Moreover, Linso presented the criteria for rating activities under Statistical Planning and Coordination, as well as Statistical Frameworks and Indicators System.

Delson A. Yusop, Registration Officer IV, presented the criteria for Civil Registration. This was followed by the criteria for Financial Matters which were reported by Anwar S. Abdullah, Administrative Officer IV/Budget Officer, and Rufaidah T. Ibrahim, Accountant III, for the Budget and Accounting Matters, respectively. Moreover, criteria for Human Resource and Administrative Matters were reported by Noraisa E. Nur, Administrative Officer IV/HRMO, and Hosni M. Ali, Administrative Officer III/Supply Officer.

Linso concluded the presentation of PSA Awards Manual with the criteria of Information Dissemination and Partnership and Linkages.

The second day of the workshop was dedicated to the lecture on the Preparation of PCNR which was spearheaded by Linso. After the lecture, she facilitated a six-part workshop which includes 1) Organization of Folders, 2) Summary of Activities, 3) Collection of Documents, 4) Preparation of Information Sheets, 5) Preparation of Transmittal, and 6) Drafting of PCNR. Participants submitted their outputs at the end of the session which was presented by Linso in the following day.

During the closing ceremony, participants shared their insights for the recently conducted activity. They thanked ORD for intitiating such event to help the provinces generate quality reports. Linso also shared the plans and ways forward of the office as regards to the preparation of RCNR. This includes the provision of computer and scanner for PCNR/RCNR, establishment of Google Drive as main open storage for PCNR/RCNR-related reports, designaton of focal person per category, conduct of Field Awards at the regional level, and follow-up training for 2020 PSA Awards Manual.

Moreover, OIC-RD Mangelen also delivered his message to the participants. He thanked them for their efforts and willingness to learn for the sake of the agency. He also expects to observe significant improvments in the following reports of the provicinces as a result of this workshop.

Padilla concluded the program with her closing remarks.