PSA-BARMM conducts 2020 Regional Planning Workshop

February 26, 2020News Article Ref No.: NL-BARMM-20-005
OIC-RD Mangelen delivers Opening Message

The Philippine Statistics Authority in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (PSA-BARMM) conducted the 2020 Regional Planning Workshop (RPW) on 16 to 18 December 2019, exclusive of travel time, in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. There are 61 participants who attended this event composed of 18 employees from BARMM Regional Statistical Services Office (RSSO) headed by OIC-Regional Director (RD) Razulden A. Mangelen; seven employees from PSA-Basilan headed by Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) Naser S. Usman; eight employees from PSA-Lanao del Sur headed by PSO Noronisa D. Macadadaya; eight employees from PSA-Maguindanao headed by OIC-PSO Akan G. Tula; 11 employees from PSA-Sulu headed by PSO Medzhor A. Tan; and nine employees from PSA-Tawi-Tawi headed by PSO Masil H. Mohammadsha.

Participants from RSSO, PSA-Maguindanao and PSA-Lanao del Sur arrived and were checked in at the venue on the morning of 16 December 2019, while those from the island provinces arrived on 15 December 2019.

The registration of participants and distribution of conference kits started at around 08:00 AM. Nicanor C. Pableo, Administrative Officer I, and Edenizer M. Santander, Statistical Specialist II, of PSA-Basilan served as the emcees for the morning session of Day 1. They officially started the program at 10:20 AM. After the Opening Prayer, singing of the National Anthem and recognition of participants, PSO Mohammadsha delivered the Welcome Message.

PSO Mohammadsha acknowledged the participants, especially those were not able to visit the province before. He explained that the activities to be anticipated for this three-day event will be strictly based on the guidelines from PSA Central Office. In relation to this, he reminded the participants to adhere to the program prepared by the Secretariat in order to achieve the activity’s objectives.

PSA-Tawi-Tawi will also host PSA-BARMM’s Regional Data Review of Agricultural Statistics for the 4th Quarter of 2019 right after this event. PSO Mohammadsha encouraged the participants to freely approach any of the host province’s staff for more concerns.

OIC-RD Mangelen delivered an Opening Message. He thanked the employees for their untiring support and effort which made PSA-BARMM achieve its deliverables despite challenges. Aside from the current mandatory activities of the agency, OIC-RD Mangelen informed everyone that there are more duties to come in the following years. These include the conduct of the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (CPH 2020), Philippine Identification System (PhilSys ID) and Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) which are entrusted by the legislators to PSA.

He explained that this planning workshop aims to assess the office’s accomplishments in 2019 and plan the activities in 2020. Aside from this, he also encouraged the employees to mingle, interact, share knowledge and experience with each other to build camaraderie for the betterment of the office’s output.

During this event, the employees will also renew their commitment to the office, that is to produce quality statistics and responsive civil registration services. OIC-RD Mangelen emphasized that unity plus leadership, dedication and commitment are the weapons to hurdle challenges despite PSA-BARMM’s unique situation. He reminded the employees to not to let their personal interest reign over their office’s interest.

Capacity-building has been the priority of the agency in the past few years. For this year, PSA focuses on the vital role of technology and communication in the achievement of the agency’s mandates. PSA’s theme for 2020 is “Shaping PSA by Embracing Challenges in the 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution)”. With the availability and accessibility of technology nowadays, there is no reason for personnel to be not contacted, unless it is for the purpose of self-reservation.

OIC-RD Mangelen also acknowledged CRASD for organizing RPW for the first time, with the support of SOCD. He also thanked PSA-Tawi-Tawi for hosting the event.

Marilou A. Gorospe, Statistical Specialist II of PSA-BARMM, was tasked to introduce the participants for this event. She individually mentioned the name and position of each employee and requested them to go at the front for pictorial. This was done by office such as 1) PSA-Basilan, 2) PSA-Lanao del Sur, 3) PSA-Maguindanao, 4) PSA-Sulu, 5) PSA-Tawi-Tawi, and 6) PSA-RSSO BARMM.

Delson A. Yusop, Registration Officer IV of PSA-BARMM, presented the Objectives and Expectations of the 2020 RPW. According to Yusop, RPW intends to review the 2019 Accomplishment and Performance and discuss clear plans for the programs and projects of PSA for the year 2020.

During the workshop, the offices should be able to present the overall accomplishments and performance of the RSSO/PSOs for the year 2019, 2020 work plan and analysis of CRASD and SOCD, calendar of activities for 2020, review of the 2019 Risk Registry and action plan, 2020 PPMP and approved NEP – Budget proposal/ 2020 Approved NEP – Budget proposal.

Each of the provincial offices, as well as CRASD and SOCD, presented their accomplishments and performance for 2019. This was followed by an Open Forum facilitated by Melanie S. Mohammad, Information Officer I of PSA-BARMM.

On the second day of the workshop, SOCD and CRASD presented their Work Plan and Analysis for 2020, presented by SOCD Chief Sarail and Anwar S. Abdullah, Administrative Officer IV of PSA-BARMM, respectively. SOCD Chief Sarail also presented the Calendar of Activities fo 2020.

Mokendi A. Calid, Statistical Specialist II of PSA-Maguindanao, served as moderator during the Open Forum on the morning session of Day 2.

Moreover, the third day of the event was dedicated to the Teambuilding activities which was hosted by PSA-Tawi-Tawi, together with Dynrazil A. Nuron, Statistical Analyst of PSA-Maguindanao.