PSA-BARMM CPAs attend 74th Annual PICPA Convention

February 26, 2020News Article Ref No.: NL-BARMM-20-003
CPAs of PSA attend 74th PICPA Annual Convention.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) of PSA-BARMM, namely Rufaidah T. Ibrahim, Accountant III; Anwar S. Abdullah, Administrative Officer IV; and Normeena H. Arab, Administrative Officer I, together with selected CPAs of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) attended the 74th Annual National Convention of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) last 20 to 23 November 2019 in Laoag City. This year’s convention focused on the theme “Reinforcing the Future. Together. Today.”

The convention was composed of several sessions including the sectoral and technical sessions, awards night and educational tours. After the registration of the PICPA delegates from all sectors in November 20 at CAP Building, Marvin R. Galang, the Co-Founder of JuanTax, presented Investment 101 – Maximizing Earning Potential. The session aims to provide a deeper understanding in developing one’s earning potential and in exploring the different options available to earn extra income. Galang also presented alternative ways in gaining a competetitive advantage in times of economic uncertainty and slow growth. Other session on business opportunity seminar is the topic on Creating Wealth and Financial Freedom which was presented by Paulo M. Tibig, VCargo President. This session aims to empower the participants to take an in-depth look at the financial principles that are designed to change participants’ financial outlook and become a more effective money manager. This session also discusses on how to effectively manage their potentially largest wealth-building asset, their current income and get on the road to financial independence. Moreover, PICPA Presidents per Chapter had a meeting on the afternoon session of Day 1.

Reinforcing the Future: Our Digital Experience, talks about exploring digitalization experience which was presented in November 21 by the Senior VP for Information Technology and Service Group of GSIS, Juan Philip S. Evangelista. Her presentation answered the question why organizations are shifting to digitalization and how are they doing it. Next session looks into understanding the newest generations to break through the barriers to improve engagement and augment motivation, Engaging Generation Next. It was discussed by the Commission on Audit Commissioner, Atty. Roland C. Pondoc. It aims to elicit insights on how to attract and retain this digital native generation with their values and expectation. It also explores emerging best pratices to upkeep and care about the success of this next generation.

Plenary Technical Session was also held during the afternoon session and followed by Thanksgiving Mass in Paoay Churh but was not continued due to the weather condition.

November 22, Dr. Cesar A. Mansibang presented Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Age. The topic emerges since everyone, nowadays, is entering the digital age where expectation to both businesses and people are rapidly chaging and different industries are adapting to meet new demands. His presentation follow by the Chairman of Professional Regulatory Board of Accountancy Hon. Noe G. Quiñola on Redifining Quality: The Philippine Qualification Framework (PQF). PQF aims to benefit various sectors and stakeholders of education and training by encouraging lifelong learning of individuas; providing employers specific training standards and qualifications that are aligned to industry standards; ensuring that training and educational institutions adhere to specific standards and are accountable for achieving the same; and providing the government with common standards, taxonomy, and typology of qualifications as bases for granting approvals to stakeholders.

Right after the lunchbreak, Dr. Niño Jose C. Mateo, a professor of DLSU Manila, discusses the Breaking Down Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace. This session underscores the importance of understanding and breaking the stigma about health and how mental health is being dealth with in the workplace. It also explores how the elements of a workplace environment can influence mental pressures on the employees, and how it can be managed by entities to develop not only as employers, but also as a thriving business. Another session on The Case for Sovereign Balance Sheet which was discussed by Christian G. Lauron of Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co. Most sovereigns do not have balance sheets but if they do, it would be by no menas as faithfully represents the true fiscal position of the government, and whether this fiscal report provides assurance to the market and public as a whole. The session aims to introduce and make a case for the need of a sovereign balance sheet.Before the technical session ended, CEO Nurmazilah Mahzan of Malaysian Institute of Accountants presented The Challenge of I4 to CPAs in Government. Industry 4.0 or colloquially known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (I4) is at hand. Governments now are being pushed to their limits given the sheer speed of innovation and adoption of new technologies. The I4 demands governments to be agile and responsive to create new or make changes to legislation, policies, priorities, operations and processess to adopt to new innovations. The topic tries to dwell on the impact of I4 to government and its challenges CPAs in serving the government.

Regulators’ Forum held in the last day of the convention. It discusses the updates on Philippines’ current tax system, the Board of Accountancy Programs, Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Bank Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

The next Annual National Convention is expected to be held in the Mindanao Region, Cagaya de Oro City.