PSA-BARMM hosts Stakeholders Forum for Agriculture and Fishery Sector

November 13, 2019News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-19-041
Minister Yacob and OIC-RD Mangelen, together with the participants of the Stakeholders Forum for Agriculture and Fishery Sector.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) of BARMM hosted the Consultation Workshop with Stakeholders of Agriculture and Fishery Sector in BARMM last 24 September 2019 at Nursalam Hall, Alnor Hotel and Convention Center, Cotabato City. This was headed by the Agricultural Accounts Division (AAD) of the Macroeconomic Accounts Service (MAS) of PSA Central Office. It aims to solicit important information in agriculture and fishery sector which will serve as input to the revision and rebasing of National Accounts of the Philippines (NAP). Minister Mohammad S. Yacob of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform, graced this event and shared an inspirational message. 

Technical specialists from PSA Central Office presented the Overview of the Overall Revision and Rebasing of the National Accounts of the Philippines, as well as the Overview of the Performance of Philippine Agriculture. 

Participants were grouped into different sectors such as Livestock, Crops and Fisheries for the workshop. Stakeholders shared their inputs for the proposal of additional indicators or species as inputs to the revision and rebasing of NAP, specifically for the Agriculture and Fishery Sector. Outputs of the workshops were presented by the representatives of each sectoral group.