PSA-BARMM celebrates 6th PSA Anniversary

November 13, 2019News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-19-040
Officials and employees of PSA-BARMM and PSA-Maguindanao during the celebration of the 6th PSA Anniversary.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) of BARMM celebrated the 6th anniversary of the agency last 12 September 2019 at PSA-BARMM Regional Office, Cotabato City. This was attended by all officials and employees of PSA-BARMM and PSA-Maguindanao headed by OIC-Regional Director (RD) Razulden A. Mangelen and OIC-Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) Akan G. Tula, respectively.  

The assigned committee prepared a short program for this celebration. It was opened by the welcome remarks of Cayang M. Macud, Chief of Civil Registration and Adminsitrative Support Division (CRASD), followed by the inspirational message of OIC-RD Mangelen.

Employees were divided into different groups for the activities throughout the day. Dynrazil A. Nuron, Statistical Analyst of PSA-Maguindanao, and Nurosalam C. Caludtiag, Assistant Statistician of PSA-BARMM, facilitated the Teambuilding Quiz. This was followed by a series of parlor games organized by Mohammad-Aquil T. Ulama, Administrative Officer I; and Esmail A. Nor, Administrative Aide VI of PSA-BARMM.

Prizes for the games and raffle draws were awarded to the winners. The program was officially closed through the closing remarks of Delson A. Yusop, Registration Officer IV of PSA-BARMM.