PSA-BARMM employee lectures at Leadership Training of Sulon NHS

November 13, 2019News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-19-038
Linso receives Certificate of Appreciation from Sulon National High School.

Farhana Jane S. Linso, Statistical Analyst of PSA-BARMM, was invited by the Sulon National High School in Sultan Mastura, Maguindanao to serve as one of the resource persons during their 1st Leadership Training-Workshop last 13 August 2019 at the premises of the said school. 

A total of 52 participants composed of senior high school students who are members of various school organizations attended this training. This was headed by Luna P. Sla, Principal of the said school. The training aims to motivate the young leaders to learn and identify different leadership styles and strategies, their specific roles and responsibilities, and other topics which will give them aspirations towards better careers in the future.  

Linso was tasked to lecture on the Personality Development of a Leader. Her presentation focused on the factors that a leader must Be, Do and Know. She explained what leadership is, as well as its factors. Then, she explained in detail the charateristics of a good leader. According to her, a good leader must have these characteristics: 1) Honesty and Integrity, 2) Confidence, 3) Inspiration to Others, 4) Commitment and Passion, 5) Good Communicator, 6) Decision-Making Capabilities, 7) Accountability, 8) Delegation and Empowerment, 9) Creativity and Innovation, and 10) Empathy.  

After her lecture, Linso gave a 25-item Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire to the students. It is a set of hypothetical actions for a specific situation with corresponding scale in terms of the likeliness that a student may carry it out in the actual situation. This measures the level of readiness of the student in accepting the responsibility of a leader. Results of the test have shown that most of the participants are perceived to have the abiltiy of being a good leader. Thus, their teachers are confident that the student organizations in their school will be able to function accordingly.  

Linso ended her presentation by emphasizing that the characteristics she reported can be learned by anyone. She quoted Colin Powell, an American politician, in the saying “Good leaders are not born, they are made”.