PSA-BARMM employee attends Training on News Writing and Media Landscape

June 19, 2019News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-19-026
Participants and resource persons of the Training on News Writing and Media Landscape for PSA.

Employees of PSA Central and Field Offices completed the Training on News Writing and Media Landscape for the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) last 20 to 24 May 2019 at Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute (PSRTI), Quezon City. This training was initiated by the Learning and Development Section of the Human Resources Division of PSA and initiated by PSRTI.  

This training was designed for the members of communication teams and writers of PSA to improve their skills for effective newswriting, see a better picture of the role of communication for organizations, heighten their recognition of the importance of relating to their chosen audiences, and open themselves to writing as a way of personal and social expression.

Knowledge in basic statistics and proficiency in computer operations and use of MS Excel for data management, as well as generation of graphs and charts, are the recommended background of the participants. Ms. Ruby Villavicencio-Paurom and Ms. Kelly Austria, Principal Consultant and Managing Partner of the RubyComm – K. Austria Ltd. Co., respectively, served as the resource persons. 

The five-day training covered six major topics. This includes Introduction to Media, Writing Skills Assessment, Newswriting, Feature Writing, Organizational Communications and Psychological Concepts. Each chapter is followed by hands-on examples and individual workshops. The participants were also divided into four groups for group activities in the whole duration of the training. 

Ms. Paurom and Ms. Austria designed this training in a manner that is different from the typical style of trainings and seminars. They invited guests to perform live and serve as the participants’ source of information for their writing workshops. Outputs of selected participants were flashed in the screen to be critiqued by the resources persons and other participants. Group activities also became a venue for them to venture into other media presentations such as radio, television and social media.

Information dissemination is one of the most important functions of PSA. Statistics is useless if it is not understood by its stakeholders, most especially the line agencies. Writers of PSA are challenged to bring statistics closer to the people by interpreting them in the most understandable way. 

Participants expressed their insights and impressions during the closing ceremony of the training. They thanked the resource persons for the unique experience that they have shared. It is hoped that PSA will initiate more related trainings for their employees in the following months.