PSA-ARMM conducts 2019 Regional Planning Workshop

January 16, 2019News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-19-006
Employees and officials of PSA-ARMM and its provincial offices during the first day of 2019 RPW.

PSA-ARMM successfully conducted the 2019 Regional Planning Workshop (RPW) with the theme “Working Smarter through INNOVATION,” last 19 to 21 December 2018 at Marco Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City. 

There are 62 participants who attended this event composed of 22 employees from ARMM Regional Statistical Services Office (RSSO) headed by OIC-Regional Director (RD) Razulden A. Mangelen; seven employees from PSA-Basilan headed by Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) Naser S. Usman; nine employees from PSA-Lanao del Sur headed by PSO Noronisa D. Macadadaya; nine employees from PSA-Maguindanao headed by OIC-PSO Akan G. Tula; seven employees from PSASulu headed by PSO Medzhor A. Tan; and six employees from PSA-Tawi-Tawi headed by PSO Masil H. Mohammadsha. Atty. Lourdines C. Dela Cruz, Interim Deputy National Statistician (IDNS) of the PhilSys Registry Office of PSA Central Office, together with Ms. Jen Marie Peralta, Executive Assistant, also attended this event as the Guest of Honor. 

The morning session of the first day was facilitated by RSSO. Ms. Melanie S. Mohammad, Information Officer I, and Mr. Delson A. Yusop, Registration Officer IV, served as the emcees. The program was officially started at exactly 08:44 AM. Mr. Anwar S. Abdullah, Budget Officer of PSAARMM, led the Opening Prayer and was followed by the singing of the National Anthem with an audiovisual presentation (AVP). OIC-RD Mangelen welcomed and acknowledged the participants. He also expressed his gratitude to them for being to attend the event despite a long journey that they had to take. OIC-RD Mangelen explained the overview and purpose of conducting an RPW. According to him, RPW is conducted so that the agency will be able to review their accomplishments and best practices, discuss the issues and challenges encountered, and formulate strategies for the following period. OICRD Mangelen emphasized that employees must perform their respective roles and learn to work as a team. He also reminded them that every employee is an asset of PSA in pursuing the agency’s mandates and goals. 

Mr. Naldo G. Pendaliday, Senior Statistical Specialist of PSA-ARMM, acknowledged all of the participants by introducing their full name, position and office, and requested them to individually come up the stage for a quick pictorial. 

“If we fail to plan, we plan to fail,” Mr. Mahmur H. Sarail, Chief of the Statistical Operations and Coordination Division (SOCD) of PSA-ARMM, said as he discussed the Objective and Expectations for the 2019 RPW. According to him, RPW aims to 1) Present and discuss the clear articulated plan of the programs and projects of the PSA for the fiscal year 2019; 2) Assess the overall capacity of the Field Offices; and 3) Determine and Identify intervening concerns in the FO level in course of implementing these programs and projects. 

SOCD Chief Sarail also presented PSA’s theme throughout 2019, which is “Working Smarter through Innovation”.  The theme symbolizes PSA’s desire to Work Smarter through INNOVATION. This means the way to work smarter is a tool called innovation, and SMARTER which means S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Agreed, R – Realistic, T – Timebound, E – Ethical, R – Recorded. The innovative work of PSA employees must be within the bounds of the agency’s Core Values: 1) Integrity – we observe the highest standards of professional behavior by exemplifying impartiality and independence in everything that we do. WE stand firm with undue influence – ensuring integrity cuts across not only in the statistics we deliver, but more importantly, in our people; 2) Transparency – We ensure transparency in all interactions and transactions to build and nurture trust inside and outside of PSA. We strive for clear communication, shared knowledge, and informed all inclusive decisions for cultivating mutual respect at all levels of the organization; and 3) Adaptability – WE respond to change with positive attitude and willingness to learn new ways to deliver mandate. WE stay on top of technological advancements and never give up in the face of challenges, instead finding them as opportunities to discover and gain insights to further our services to the public. 

At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to 1) Present overall accomplishments and performance of the RSSO/PSO for the year 2018; 2) Highlight Activities with Target Timelines, budget, manpower and other resource and facility requirements; 3) Present Project Procurement Management Plan; 4) Discuss Capacity Development Program; 5) Present Updated Risk Registry and Action Plan; and 6) Present Agreed 2020 Priorities and Budget. 

After his presentation on the Objectives and Expectations in the 2019 RPW, SOCD Chief Sarail also presented Innovations in the PSA. This year’s theme for RPW is inspired by the Republic Act (RA) No. 11032 or An Act Promoting Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Delivery of Government Services. PSA aims to innovate so that employees may have time for themselves to be Healthy, then be Happy, to have time for Capacity Building and ensuring the Mainstreaming of QMS such as enhancing the records/document management, 5S, and enhancing and improving the processes. 

The five provincial offices of PSA-ARMM presented their Accomplishments and Innovations for 2018 through an AVP. Their presentations include photos of the regular statistical operations, as well as activities with other agencies.

The afternoon session started at 01:30 PM. The host team was PSA-Basilan, with Ms. Surna T. Alano, Statistical Analyst, and Mr. Edenizer M. Santander, Statistical Specialist II, as the emcees. After the energizers prepared by the host team, presentation of 2018 Accomplishments and Innovations was continued for CRASD and SOCD. 

Ms. Norhayyah A. Tula, Senior Statistical Specialist of PSA-ARMM, introduced the Guest Speaker. She shared to the participants the highlighted personal information, educational background, and professional experience of Atty. Dela Cruz. 

The Guest Speaker was tasked to deliver an inspirational message and relay the message of the National Statistician (NS) for RPW. Atty. Dela Cruz emphasized the importance of conducting a planning workshop in all organizations. According to him, an organization shall plan in order to turn their goals into reality.

Atty. Dela Cruz continued his speech to his presentation on the Highlights of PhilSys. He presented the time of implementation, meaning of its logo, and strategies for branding. 

After his presentation on PhilSys, Atty. Dela Cruz received a Certificate of Appreciation for giving inspirational message and sharing his expertise on PhilSys during the 2019 RPW of PSA-ARMM. Ms. Peralta also received a certificate for his participation in the same event. These certificates were awarded by OIC-RD Mangelen, SOCD Chief Sarail, CRASD Chief Macud, and the PSOs. 

PSA-Lanao del Sur facilitated the second day of RPW. The emcees -   Ms. Rowaisah L. Bonsalagan, Administrative Assistant III, and Mr. Yasrulah D. Sheik, Statistical Specialist II, called the participants for photo ops by color. After the invocation and energizer, the program proper was started. 

Ms. Cayang M. Macud, Chief of Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD) of PSA-ARMM, discussed the Implementation and Processes of RBAC. She talked about the Coverage; Delegation of Authority to and Designation of Regional Director as Head of the Procuring Entity (HoPE) of the Regional Offices; Composition of PSA-ARMM BAC and their Duties and Functions; and RBAC Processes.

Ms. Rufaidah T. Ibrahim, Accountant III of PSA-ARMM, discussed on Capacity Development Program. This aims to appreciate the need to implement programs for career development and succession management, institutionalize career and succession management in the agency, identify career paths and guide employees in crafting their individual career development plans, and plan and commit to action plans that will institutionalize career and succession management programs. 

Mr. Hosni M. Ali, Supply Officer of PSA-ARMM, presented the accomplished Annual Procurement Plan-Common Supplies and Equipment (APP-CSE) Form of PSA-ARMM for 2019. He also shared the updated and newly implemented policies on procurement. 

Mr. Anwar S. Abdullah, Budget Officer of PSA-ARMM, discussed the PSA-ARMM Budget for 2019. This includes the timeline of 2019 Budget Proposal, Budget for Regular Activities in 2019, and Target Accomplishments. 

Ms. Ibrahim presented the status of submission of financial reports of PSA-ARMM and its provincial offices. She also discussed updated and newly implemented policies, as well as her recommendations for issues and concerns encountered by the provincial offices. 

Ms. Noraisa E. Nur, Human Resources Management Officer of PSA-ARMM, discussed updates on PRIME-HRM and status of HR Reports. She presented the number of employees and number of recently filled-up positions in PSA-ARMM and its provincial offices, list of reports to be submitted, and different types of leave.

The host team for the afternoon session of Day 2 was PSA-Sulu. Mr. Moh. Sahnur S. Udjah, Supervising Statistical Specialist, and Ms. Fermelyn I. Nuron, Statistical Analyst were the emcees. They officially started the program at 01:41 PM with the presentation of 2019 SOCD Workplan by SOCD Chief Sarail. He presented the 2019 Major Activities of Social Sector Statistics Service, Economic Sector Statistics Service, Macroeconomic Accounts Service, National Censuses Service, and Standard Service of PSA Central Office involving the field offices. 

CRASD Chief Macud presented the 2019 CRASD Workplan. She discussed Workforce Planning, Current Structure of PSA-ARMM, Proposed Staffing Pattern of PSA-ARMM, and Proposed Organizational Structure of PSA-ARMM. 

Ms. Norhayyah A. Tula, Senior Statistical Specialist of PSA-ARMM, presented the 2019 Calendar of Activities in Google Calendar of the official Gmail account of PSA-ARMM Records. Activities involving field offices were extracted from the Calendar of Activities of PSA Central Office. Activities in this Google Calendar are classified into PSOs, RSSO and CO for those conducted at the provincial, regional and national levels, respectively. Using the PW Form 4, focal person for each statistical activity will be provided by the provincial offices together with individual email addresses. RSSO will use this information in syncing a specific event with the Google calendar of the focal persons. 

OIC-RD Mangelen discussed Risk Registry and Action Plan. This aims to integrate and institutionalize a sustainable risk management practices and culture in PSA; effectively manage the risks exposure of the PSA through implementation of relevant risk treatment options; improve capabilities in managing certain levels of identified risks; continuously monitor and strengthen risk management activities of the PSA; and modify or eliminate identifiable conditions and practices which may cause loss whenever possible.

Mr. Moh. Farouk A. Simihag, Statistical Specialist II of PSA-Sulu, moderated the Open Forum. Issues on financial concerns of statistical activties were highlighted during this session. 

The host team for the Fellowship Night on the night of Day 2 was PSA-Maguindanao represented by Mr. Dynrazil A. Nuron, Statistical Analyst, and Ms. Nurfathma N. Lakim, Administrative Officer I, as the emcees. 

OIC-RD Mangelen welcomed the participants who were in their floral attire. He congratulated the participants and the organizing team for a successful conduct of RPW. He reminded everyone that all of the issues discussed will be noted and taken action. For this night, OIC-RD Mangelen wants the employees to enjoy and reflect. The secretariat prepared several games that will induce the participants’ creativity and camaraderie. 

Ms. Tula requested OIC-RD Mangelen, CRASD Chief Macud, SOCD Chief Sarail and the PSOs to come in front. Each head of office delivered a message and led the lighting of candle of his or her respective employees. After the electric candles were lit, OIC-RD Mangelen facilitated the Renewal of Oath and individually signed the Pledge of Commitment. 

A committee was created and assigned to prepare party games for the Fellowship Night. This was headed by Mr. Nuron and Ms. Sittie Asmalia D. Cornell, Statistical Specialist II of PSA-ARMM, and assisted by Ms. Farhana Jane S. Linso, Statistical Analyst; Mr. Mohammad-Aquil T. Ulama, Administrative Officer I; and Mr. Nurosalam C.Caludtiag, Assistant Statistician of PSA-ARMM. Mr. Nuron divided the participants into four groups to compete for several games. Prizes were given to the winners of the games, while others also received consolation prizes.

After the closing remarks of OIC-PSO Tula, the employees of PSA-ARMM and its provincial offices sang in chorus a community song entitled “Journey” by Lea Salonga. 

PSA-Tawi-Tawi hosted the program in the last session of RPW. They facilitated a physical fitness activity for all the participants at 05:30 AM to 07:00 AM. 

The continuation of teambuilding activities on the last session of RPW was facilitated by Mr. Nuron and Ms. Linso. The participants went back to their original four teams from the Fellowship Night. In the first game, Ms. Linso distributed one random object to each group – envelope, plastic bottle, bowl, and tissue paper. She instructed the participants to demonstrate how the object they chose can help them if they are hypothetically trapped in an armed-conflict during the conduct of a statistical activity. The second game was modified charades facilitated by Mr Nuron. Each team has two representatives tasked to describe in action the given four phrases or sentences in just two minutes. 

After the teambuilding activity, SOCD Chief Sarail took the floor to facilitate the nomination and votation for the venue of the 2020 RPW in the following year. Each office was given a chance to nominate a place outside and inside Mindanao. After the votation, Palawan and Tawi-Tawi were declared as the top choices of PSA-ARMM employees for the next RPW. 

Mr. Mohammadsha delivered the closing remarks. He told his colleagues that his office is very much willing to host the next RPW. In his speech, OIC-RD Mangelen once again thanked the participants for their active participation.