PSA-ARMM attends High-Level Forum on BIMP-EAGA

January 15, 2019News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-19-002
Officials and employees of PSA Central Office, PSA Mindanao Cluster and PSA-MIMAROPA during the High-Level Forum on BIMP-EAGA.

Mr. Razulden A. Mangelen, OIC-Regional Director of PSA-ARMM, together with Mr. Mahmur H. Sarail, SOCD Chief of PSA-ARMM; and Ms. Farhana Jane S. Linso, Statistical Analyst of PSA-ARMM, attended the High-Level Forum on Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) last 12 to 13 November 2018 at Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City.

Mr. Ruben D. Abaro, Jr., OIC-Regional Director of PSA-XI, presented the Overview of the BIMP-EAGA. Moreover, Atty. Maqtahar L. Manulon, Regional Director of PSA-XII, discussed the TOR of Working Group on Statistics and Database, as well as the Project Proposal on the Statistical Indicator System for BIMP-EAGA.

Moreover, officials from PSA Central Office presented several statistical indicators generated by PSA and how to generate these indicators for BIMP-EAGA. Ms. Wilma A. Guillen, Assistant National Statistician of the Social Sector Statistics Service (SSSS), discussed Labor and Employment Indicators; Mr. Eduardo B. Sanguyo, Chief Statistical Specialist of the Satellite Accounts Division under the Macroeconomic Accounts Service (MAS), discussed Tourism Satellite Accounts; Ms. Ma. Julieta P. Soliven, Chief Statistical Specialist of the Trade Statistics Division under the Economic Sector Statistics Service (ESSS), discussed Foreign Trade Statistics (Intra-EAGA, Extra-EAGA and Inter-EAGA); Ms. Elena G. Varona, Chief Statistical Specialist of Prices Statistics Division under ESSS, discussed Price Statistics; and Mr. Florande S. Polistico, Chief Statistical Specialist of Production Accounts Division under MAS, discussed Economic Accounts (GDP, GRDP, PPA, FDI).

On the last part of the program, Ms. Rosalinda C. Apura, Regional Director of PSA-XIII, presented the Budget Proposal for the Statistical Indicator System; while Ms. Libertie V. Masculino, Supervising Statistical Specialist of the Integrated Accounts Division under MAS, presented the summary of agreements and the next steps of the body.