PSA-ARMM Officials attend Budget Trainings

October 15, 2018News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-18-032
Standing from left: Ms. Cayang M. Macud (CRASD Chief of PSA-ARMM), Mr. Medzhor A. Tan (PSO of PSA-Sulu), Mr. Akan G. Tula (OIC-PSO of PSA-Maguindanao), Mr. Anwar S. Abdullah (Budget Officer of PSA-ARMM), Mr. Naser S. Usman (PSO of PSA-Basilan) and Ms. Noronisa D. Macadadaya (PSO of PSA-Lanao del Sur). Sitting from left: Ms. Fely V. Collado (Supervising Administrative Officer of PSA Budget Division), Ms. Maria Grace M. Delos Santos (Assistant Director of DBM), Ms. Lilibeth C. Cuadra (Chief Budget and Management Specialist of DBM), and Ms. Jaellie Ann R. San Miguel, Budget and Management Specialist II of DBM).

Officials of the Philippine Statistics Authority in ARMM (PSA-ARMM) namely Ms. Cayang M. Macud, Chief of Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD); Mr. Naser S. Usman, Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) of PSA-Basilan; Ms. Noronisa D. Macadadaya, PSO of PSA-Lanao del Sur; Mr. Akan G. Tula, OIC-PSO of PSA-Maguindanao; Mr. Medzhor A. Tan, PSO of PSA-Sulu; and Mr. Anwar S. Abdullah, Budget Officer of PSA-ARMM, attended the Cluster Training on Basic Budget Principles/Monthly Disbursements Program and Shifting from Obligation Based to Cash-Based Appropriation in FY 2019 for Visayas and Mindanao Clusters on September 17 to 18, 2018 at Sequoia Hotel, Quezon City.

The two-day trainings were attended by Chief Statistical Specialist of each Provincial Office, Chief CRASD and Budget Officers of each Regional Office. This is a yearly training of Central Office for the Budget Officers and other concerned staffs to update and remind the regional offices on the New Circular of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and to prepare and allocate the budget for the next fiscal year.

Mr. Socrates L. Ramores, the OIC-Assistant National Statstician (ANS) of Finance and Administrative Service (FAS) of PSA, welcomed the participants and resource speakers from DBM headed by OIC Assistant Director Maria Grace M. Delos Santos. Ms. Flora M. Madamba, Administrative Officer IV of Budget Division gave her rationale, in behalf of Ms. Cynthia C. Vallesteros, Chief of Human Resources Division, during the Budget Training.

The first discussion was about the Budget Cycle which was presented by DBM Chief Budget & Management Specialist, Ms. Lilibeth C. Cuadra. Along with the four phases of Budget Cycle presentation, she also discussed the concept of budget, sources of financing the budget, characteristics of a good budget and linking planning and budgeting.

Ms. Delos Santos presented the Cash-Based Budget for the FY 2019. According to her, to ensure that government is able to fully execute the budget to deliver goods and services that promote growth and reduce poverty, DBM, together with COA and other Prinicipals of the Public Financial Management Committee, pushes and supports the Budget Reform Program, one component of it is the Annual Cash-Based Appropriations or ACBA. She added that the shift to a cash-based budget is foreseen to increase efficiency of government operations resulting to faster and improved delivery of public services. She noted that in 2019, Obligation Based is still observe in the implementation of budget until June of 2019, thus the full implementation of annual cash-based budgeting system will be in FY 2020.

The Budget Execution and Budget Accountability were discussed by DBM Budget & Management Specialist II, Ms. Jaellie Ann R. San Miguel, the last presenter for the first day of training on budget. She presented various important reports and documents that are regularly submitted thru their online system of reporting which include BED 3 or Monthly Disbursement Program.

On the second day of the training, before the workshop, HRD Facilitator and USE General Secretary, Dr. Edwin O. de Veyra, inserted his presentation to discuss about the Salient Features 2018-2021 PSA-USE Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA).

For the workshop, the budget division allotted the morning session for the budget officers, with the help of the PSOs and Chief CRASDs, in preparing the Monthly Disbursement Program (MDP) for FY 2019. The initial output was presented in the afternoon for both PS and MOOE, while the final output will be submitted to the Budget Division on October 31, 2018. Moreover, the reviewed and approved MDP will be forwarded by them to DBM as reference for the Notice of Cash Allocation in 2019 on November 29, 2018.

After giving of Certificates of Appearance and Participation, the closing remarks was delivered by Ms. Daisy P. Adlawan, the Supervising Administrative Officer of HRD and OIC-GSD.