PSA-ARMM conducts 1st PSO Conference

August 14, 2018News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-18-024
SOCD Chief Sarail presents the division’s monitoring system on the submission of reports of PSOs.

Philippine Statistics Authority in ARMM (PSA-ARMM), headed by OIC-Regional Director (RD) Razulden A. Mangelen and officials of PSA-ARMM, conducted the 1st PSO Conference last July 20, 2018 at PSA-ARMM Regional Office, Cotabato City. This serves as a venue for the officials and supervisors of PSA-ARMM and its provincial offices to discuss and provide recommendations regarding issues and concerns encountered by their respective divisions and offices.

Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) Naser S. Usman of PSA-Basilan, PSO Noronisa D. Macadadaya of PSA-Lanao del Sur, OIC-PSO Akan G. Tula of PSA-Maguindanao, and PSO Medzhor A. Tan of PSA-Sulu attended the said conference, while PSO Masil H. Mohammadsha of PSA-Tawi-Tawi was represented by Mr. Naim S. Tanjilul, Statistical Analyst, due to health reasons.

Heads of the office sections were tasked to present the status of submission of reports of provincial offices to the regional office and concerned division in the central office in the first semester of the year. Mr. Mahmur H. Sarail, Chief of the Statistical Operations and Coordination Division (SOCD) and Ms. Cayang M. Macud, Chief of the Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD) presented the status of reports of their respective divisions. Moreover, Mr. Delson A. Yusop, Registration Officer IV; Ms. Rufaidah T. Ibrahim, Accountant III; Ms. Noraisa E. Nur, Human Resource and Management Officer; and Mr. Hosni M. Ali, Supply Officer also monitored the status of submission of Civil Registration, Financial, Human Resource, and Property, Plant and Equipment reports of PSOs, respectively.

Issues on lack of human and financial resources, late submission of reports, and inconsistencies on the monitoring system of the regional office and actual submission of reports of the provincial offices were highlighted throughout the meeting.

It is unfortunate to note that employees in the provincial offices, particularly those assigned in statistical activities, are overloaded due to lack of manpower. This compromises the quality and timely submission of reports of the provincial offices, as well as the consolidated report of the regional office. SOCD Chief Sarail suggested that PSOs may use the Workload Analysis to help them in formulating strategic decisions in terms of equally distributing workloads to their employees. He will be presenting this topic during the 2018 Group Learning Sessions of PSA-ARMM in the following week. OIC-RD Mangelen also assures them that results of the recent recruitment will soon be released.

Insufficient financial resources downloaded by the central office to field offices have always been a challenge to PSOs. According to the provincial heads, the travel allowance allocated by the central office is inconsistent with the actual expenses of the field personnel given that ARMM has a unique geographical condition. OIC-RD Mangelen tasked the PSOs to submit to the central and regional offices the updated cost estimates for all statistical activities and travel information of their provinces indicating actual fare, distance and type of transportation to support PSA-ARMM’s stand on this issue.

As to the monitoring system, the body agreed that PSOs must always copy furnish the regional offices in all of their direct submission of reports to the central office. The regional office must also regularly provide a copy of the monitoring system to PSOs to inform and remind them of their status on complying reports.

PSA-ARMM officials and supervisors commended OIC-RD Mangelen for initiating such event. Being able to properly discuss the problems of the provincial offices is essential in improving their performances. They hope that immediate and appropriate actions will be undertaken for the issues and concerns raised. The body agreed that PSA-ARMM shall conduct PSO Conference regularly.