PSA-ARMM, ARMM-HELPS host Ramadhan Nightly Program

June 26, 2018News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-18-022
From left: Mr. Akan G. Tula of PSA-Maguindanao, Mr. Naldo G. Pendaliday of PSA-ARMM, Mr. Saleh Musa of RDI-ARMM and Mr. Omar Lucman of RDI-ARMM during the Ramadhan Nightly Program of PSA-ARMM and ARMM-HELPS.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA-ARMM) and PSA-Maguindanao, in partnership with ARMM - Health, Education, Livelihood, Peace and Governance and Synergy (ARMM-HELPS), hosted the 2018 Ramadhan Nightly Program with the theme “Significance of Laylatul Qadr”, last June 07, 2018 at 2018 Ramadhan Trade Fair ORG-ARMM Compound, Cotabato City.

The Ramadhan Nightly Program is an annual activity of the ARMM government every month of Ramadhan. This is spearheaded by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage (BCH-ARMM) and participated by the agencies in the region every night for the whole month. Each agency is assigned to host or sponsor one night of the series of programs by conducting various activities such as symposium, raffle draw, film showing, among others, in accordance with the topic assigned by the organizer.

For this year, PSA-ARMM and ARMM-HELPS facilitated a symposium on the said topic. They invited Mr. Saleh Musa and Mr. Omar Lucman of Regional Darul Ifta' (RDI-ARMM) to do the Muhadara or lecture on the assigned theme and Qur-an Reading, respectively. More or less 100 guests attended this event. About 35 lucky individuals received grocery packages dsitrbuted by the hosts through raffle draw and trivia.

Mr. Naldo G. Pendaliday, Senior Statistical Specialist of PSA-ARMM, and Mr. Nasrudin A. Abdullah, Administrative Assistant V of ARMM-HELPS, delivered a message on behalf of their respective agencies. They welcomed the participants and took the opportunity to introduce to the crowd the mandates of their agencies. Moreover, Engr. Akan G. Tula, officer-in-charge of PSA-Maguindanao, officially concluded the program with his closing remarks.