PSO Mangelen takes over as OIC of PSA-ARMM

June 8, 2018News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-18-021
Mr. Razulden A. Mangelen takes charge as the new leader of PSA-ARMM.

Mr. Razulden A. Mangelen, Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) of PSA-Maguindanao took over as the officer-in-charge (OIC) of the Regional Statistical Services Office of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RSSO-ARMM), pursuant to Special Order No. 2018-03NS-421 issued by Usec. Lisa Grace S. Bersales, the National Statistician and Civil Registrar General of the PSA last March 27, 2018. This was resulted from the movement of Dr. Abubakar S. Asaad, former Regional Director of PSA-ARMM, to the PSA Central Office as the OIC of the Statistical Methodology Unit (SMU) under the Office of the National Statistician (ONS) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Moreover, Mr. Akan G. Tula, Supervising Statistical Specialist of PSA-Maguindanao, is now designated as the OIC of the Provincial Statistical Office of Maguindanao (PSO-Maguindanao). The new designations of these three officials took effect on April 09, 2018.

These changes in leadership in PSA was officially announced during the turnover ceremony conducted last April 26, 2018 at EM Manor Hotel and Convention Center, Cotabato City. This was attended by Usec. Bersales; Ms. Vivian R. Ilarina, Assistant National Statistician of the Macroeconomic Accounts Service of PSA Central Office; Ms. Virginia N. Bathan, Chief of the Environment and Natural Resources Accounts Division of PSA Central Office; officials and employees of PSA-ARMM and its provincial offices; and officers of the Association of the Local Civil Registrars of Maguidnanao and Cotabato City (ALCRMCC).

In her inspirational speech during the ceremony, Usec. Bersales defined the word “turnover” as a disturbance or upset. According to her, we have to be disturbed or upset to become better. These two concepts are just another terms for change. An institution must be disturbed from time to time in order to improve, that is, an institution must regularly change its strategies in order to continuously increase its efficiency and effectiveness. Usec. Bersales thanked Dr. Asaad for accepting the challenge of disturbing the PSA-ARMM two years ago by assuming leadership of the agency after the former regional director retired from service. Results of this mission has been reflected through various accomplishments and improvements in the performance of PSA-ARMM in just a short period of time, specifically in terms of publications. Despite the rapid changes in leaderships in the regional office, Usec. Bersales pointed out that PSA-ARMM has always exceeded expectations. Thus she is confident that with the new leadership under PSO Mangelen and Mr. Tula, PSA-ARMM will continuously surpass the limits with the full support of PSA Central Office. Usec. Bersales also challenged the officials and employees of PSA-ARMM in committing their dedication and support to the leadership of PSO Mangelen, now OIC-Regional Director (OIC-RD) Mangelen, and build strong collaboration with each other.

“His accomplishments are not just his, but they are also yours,” Usec. Bersales said.

Usec. Bersales thanked Mr. Tula for also accepting the challenge of being the OIC of PSA-Maguindanao and disrupt it to move up to a higher level with his team and the support of PSA-ARMM and PSA Central Office.

Dr. Asaad considered his entry to PSA as a great opportunity for him to share his knowledge and expertise in the field of statistics. Exactly two years ago, April 26, 2016, Dr. Asaad set foot in Cotabato City for the first time in his life to begin his service as PSA-ARMM’s regional director. Despite the setbacks, Dr. Asaad was fully determined to accomplish his mission of improving PSA-ARMM in accordance with the mission and vision of the agency, as per instruction of Usec. Bersales. In his speech, he reminisced his first moments with his PSA-ARMM family, their warm welcome, and active participation and commitment to several initiatives. The task given to him was indeed very high, but he is thankful that the inspiration and support provided by PSA Central Office was far greater.

“ARMM is a very colorful region which require varied approaches and strategies in solving challenges,” Dr. Asaad explained.

Along with the purpose of improving PSA-ARMM’s performance, Dr. Asaad was determined to recruit and promote the best people for each job based on the qualification standards set by PSA. He is also determined to put PSA-ARMM in the mainstream of the society, and not as an outlier in a negative way. In order to achieve this, Dr. Asaad simply told his staffs to do their tasks with utmost dedication. He reiterated the statement of OIC-RD Mangelen during the recent oath-taking ceremony of the newly appointed and promoted employees of PSA-ARMM, “The only thing that you can give back to RD Asaad is to do your duties and responsibilities.”

OIC-RD Mangelen expressed his gratitude to the people who have imparted countless lessons to him. He also thanked Usec. Bersales for giving him another opportunity to prove and discover his capabilities as he accepts this new responsibility. Continuing what Dr. Asaad has already started in PSA-ARMM is indeed a great challenge, but with the support of his colleagues, he believes that nothing is unachievable.

“If the government has build, build and build concept, we in PSA ARMM must possess Work, Work and Work,” OIC-RD Mangelen stated.

The new leader of PSA-ARMM put great emphasis on the importance of an employee’s great dedication to his or her work. According to him, a good PSA employee must work for commitment, work for passion, work for better services and work for own welfare.

Moreover, Engr. Tula also took the responsibility of leading PSA-Maguindanao and so are the accountabilities and opportunities attached to it. PSO Mangelen has been very keen in trying to provide quality and timely reports in the midst of several trials during his leadership in PSA-Maguindanao. As a result, the provincial office has already recorded so many accomplishments, not just in the regular statistical activities but also in strengthening collaboration with data partners.

Continuing what PSO Mangelen has been doing is also challenge to Engr. Tula. Despite good trend, Engr. Tula shall also disrupt PSA-Maguindanao’s consistency in a positive way. With the utmost support of his colleagues, he is determined to further elevate the status of the office.

“Competing with yourself makes more sense than comparing yourself to others. We should be better today than what we were yesterday,” Engr. Tula explained.

With these changes in the organizational structure, PSA-ARMM and its provincial offices will undergo a transitional stage. Despite of this, all operations in statistics, civil registration and administration will be continuously accomplished.