PSA-ARMM ranks 8th in Information Dissemination

May 8, 2018News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-18-018
Screenshots of some of the publications of PSA-ARMM in 2017.

Out of 17 regional offices of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in the country, PSA-ARMM ranked 8th in the Information Dissemination category. It abruptly improved from being rank 17th in the previous year.

PSA-ARMM under the leadership of Dr. Asaad was able to publish a total of 115 publications in 2017 composed of 37 newsletters, 30 special releases, 14 infographics, 14 quickstats, 12 factsheets, 4 press releases, 4 quarterly publications, and 1 brochure. Aside from these publications, PSA-ARMM had also accommodated walk-in researchers, responded to data requests of agencies, established a local website, and conducted data dissemination forums. These efforts made PSA-ARMM to garner 2.87 out of 7 total points for this category. PSA-ARMM had always been at the bottom of the 16 other regions in this category.

According to Dr. Asaad, he has encouraged his staffs to regularly write publications about the latest results of PSA’s statistical activities, as well as the the recent events conducted and participated by the office. He himself had also contributed several Special Releases already. On the average, PSA-ARMM had been releasing 10 publications every month. The quota increased to 15 monthly publications for 2018. As of March 23, 2018, PSA-ARMM had already released 43 publications and is rapidly increasing every month. Dr. Asaad is confident that PSA-ARMM will be able to reach up to top 3 for this category in 2018.