RSC-ARMM conducts 1st Regular Meeting for 2018

May 7, 2018News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-18-017
(From left): Ms. Melanie M. Indar of RPDO-ARMM and Mr. Razulden A. Mangelen of PSA-ARMM.

Regional Statistics Committee in ARMM (RSC-ARMM) conducted the 1st Regular Meeting for 2018 last March 22, 2018 at RPDO-ARMM Conference Room, Cotabato City. Ms. Melanie M. Indar of the Regional Planning and Development Office (RPDO-ARMM) and OIC-Regional Director Razulden A. Mangelen of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA-ARMM) presided the meeting which was attended by representatives of 20 agencies to discuss about the upcoming estimation of the 2017 Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP), formulation of the Regional Statistical Development Product (RSDP) 2018-2023 of the ARMM, and the adoption of ARMM’s Core Regional Indicators (CoRe-Is).

OIC-RD Mangelen emphasized in his opening statement the importance of administrative data that the line agencies may provide to the computation of GRDP. The GRDP is one of the primary indicators of economic performance of each region in the country. According to him, no matter how well performing an economy is if there is no data to serve as evidence, then the economy will appear as if it did nothing during the period. Thus ARMM agencies must also focus on the implementation of an efficient data management system.

Based on the results of the GRDP in the previous year, the Office of the Regional Governor (ORG-ARMM) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH-ARMM) believe that PSA was not able to present the actual efforts of the ARMM in terms of construction. A significant percentage of the budget of the region in 2016 was dedicated to programs for the construction of roads, bridges and housing, thus a 2.5 percent contribution of the Industry Sector, where the construction subsector belongs, to the total GRDP of ARMM is an underestimation of the projects actually implemented in the region.

According to OIC-RD Mangelen, one of the primary bases of PSA in the computation for the contribution of construction subsector to GRDP is the number of building permits offered by the local government units (LGUs). Unfortunately, this policy is not religiously implemented by the majority of the LGUs in the region. Moreover, DPWH-ARMM reported that data of projects implemented by district offices are not regularly submitted, because they are not required to do so.

Ms. Indar suggested to request the ORG-ARMM to issue a resolution to LGUs on strict implementation of the policy on building permit, as well as a resolution requiring the District Offices of DPWH-ARMM to submit data of their local projects.

OIC-RD Mangelen presented to the committee the status of submission of administrative data by the line agencies. As of March 21, 2018, only six out of 52 agencies who received the request letter of PSA-ARMM have submitted their reports. The concept of GRDP is new to most of the agencies in ARMM, thus they do not know what data to provide. As a result, the committee decided to conduct a workshop on April 4, 2018 and the deadline of submission of administrative data was set on April 6, 2018, only a week before the actual GRDP estimation on April 16 to 20, 2018.

On the other hand, the committee decided to submit a resolution making the RSC member-agencies to serve also as the members of the RSDP Steering Committee of the ARMM. Mr. Naldo G. Pendaliday of PSA-ARMM presented to the RSC the status of submission of reports of line agencies for RSDP and a review of the recently conducted RSDP Workshop. Only a few of the line agencies have sent their representatives to this workshop, thus the committee also decided to conduct the same workshop on April 10 to 11, 2018.

Mr. Dynrazil A. Nuron of PSA-ARMM also reported that during the workshop, the line agencies were tasked to identify which among the CoRe-Is can be provided by their agencies, as well as the frequency of data collection. Ms. Indar suggested that the RSC must issue a resolution requiring the agencies to provide the data based on the availability and frequency as per Core-Is.

The meeting was adjourned at exactly 3:54 PM.