PSA-ARMM completes Series of Trainings on Statistics

March 12, 2018News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-18-010
Employees of PSA-ARMM and PSA-Maguindanao during the last part of the Series of Trainings on Statistics held last February 20, 2018.
Ten employees of PSA-ARMM and PSA-Maguindanao have finally completed the last part of the Series of Trainings on Statistics held last February 20, 2018 at PSA-ARMM Regional Office, Cotabato City. This training course,composed of three training sessions – Basic Statistics, Intermediate Statistics and Methods of Sampling, was designed and lectured by Dr. Abubakar S. Asaad, the Regional Director of PSA-ARMM.
Dr. Asaad introduced to the participants the different methods of sampling namely, simple random sampling, systematic random sampling, stratified random sampling, cluster sampling and multistage sampling. The same participants have also attended the two previous training sessions.
The second part of the training course which focused on the discussion of Intermediate Statistics was conducted last January 23, 2018 with 11 participants. Dr. Asaad introduced the different steps of hypothesis testing and explained the concept of sampling distribution, its means and properties. The participants were able to conduct testing of hypotheses for population mean, median and proportion. Dr. Asaad discussed thoroughly chi-square test of homogeneity and association, as well as Fisher Exact Test. He also explained correlation and simple regression analysis. Stata program was used by the participants to conduct these tests.
These series of lectures were started by Dr. Asaad last August 15, 2017, where he lectured three major topics in Basic Statistics namely, Introduction to Basic Statistics, Data Summarization and Data Presentation. He introduced statistics through its definition, discussion of its fields, explanation of its branches, differentiation of its classifications and discussion and classification of variables. The participants learned about the different measures of data summarization in the second topic, including the construction of a frequency distribution table, with percentage and cumulative frequency; and the computation of measures of central tendency, location and variability. Dr. Asaad also taught the participants about the different methods of data presentation, which he said, are through textual, tables or graphs; and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each method. This lecture was attended by 16 participants.
As the primary statistical institution in the country, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is mandated to generate quality general-purpose statistics for our clients and stakeholders. PSA is also obligated to enhance the capacity of our personnel in order to maximize the accuracy of information that the personnel produced. In this regard, PSA-ARMM has outlined a development plan aimed to improve the statistical knowledge of our human resource.