PSA-ARMM conducts 2017 Group Learning Session

October 23, 2017News Article Ref No.: NL-ARMM-17-026
Participants of 2017 ARMM Group Learning Session from PSA-ARMM and its Provincial Offices.
PSA-ARMM conducted the 2017 Group Learning Session on September 4-5, 2017 at Waterfront Hotel Davao, Davao City. A total of 52 employees of PSA-ARMM and its Provincial Offices (POs) attended this event which was headed by Regional Director (RD) Abubakar S. Asaad, Chief of Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD) Cayang M. Macud, Chief of Statistical Operations and Coordination Division (SOCD) and the Provincial Statistics Officer (PSOs) of the POs namely, Naser S. Usman of Basilan, Noronisa D. Macadadaya of Lanao del Sur, Razulden A. Mangelen of Maguindanao, Medzhor A. Tan of Sulu which was represented by Supervising Statistical Specialist Moh Sahnur S. Udjah and Masil H. Mohammadsha of Tawi-Tawi. General Service Division (GSD) Chief Joseph C. Cajita of PSA Central Office was also present to support and serve as Resource Person during this session.
“Group learning is a collection of persons who are emotionally, intellectually, and aesthetically engaged in solving problems, creating products, and making meaning—an assemblage in which each person learns autonomously and through the ways of learning of others,” Sittie Asmalia D. Cornell (Statistical Specialist II) said.
According to her, group Learning aims to build cohesion and collaboration among its staff members with an intention of reviewing its performance and accomplishments for the period – working on the catch up plan as necessary and improving their work environment and deliverables. This activity helps us to achieve more and think critically, build positive interpersonal relationships, enjoy positive learning experience and prepare for future direction.
SOCD Chief Sarail further explained that group learning activity enables us to discuss deeper our commitment on our tasks as PSA employees. Each of the provinces are going to present their achievements and performance for the past months. They will also discuss different best practices and innovations in their respective divisions or provinces. The presentation of achievements and performance of the provinces may help us to plan, organize or initiate tasks and transition from one thing to another.
"Please remember that being ISO Certified, our competence, credibility and image are further improved considering that ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard,” RD Asaad emphasized.
RD Asaad highlighted the importance of the topics on Quality Management System (QMS) in this session as the PSA-ARMM has been aiming for the ISO-9001-2015 Certification in the following year.
“With QMS, we will enhance the quality of service that we provide to the public and will help us in better performing our mandates in the Regional and Provincial PSA Offices. Let us create a culture of continuous improvement,” RD Asaad added.
He also gave importance to the discussions on Gender and Development (GAD) Programs. According to him, PSA plays a very important role in GAD Program, because we provide the statistics on life expectation of birth of women, data about women workers, functional literacy and education, labor and employment and other related data concerning this group.
Representatives from SOCD, CRASD and each of the POs presented the accomplishments and best practices of their respective divisions and offices for the first six months of 2017. Estrella R. Padilla (Supervising Statistical Specialist), Naldo G. Pendaliday (Senior Statistical Specialist) and Norhayyah A. Tula (Senior Statistical Specialist) discussed on the accomplishments and status of statistical activities under Household-Based, Establishment-Based and Agricultural-Based Statistics, respectively. They also shared to the participants the assessment on the performance of each PO based on the timeliness and completeness of submission of reports for each sector. Moreover, SOCD Chief Sarail also reported the statistical planning, coordination and information dissemination activities of his division. In this part, he highlighted the attendance of the office to regular meetings of the ARMM Regional Statistics Committee, publications by SOCD staff, and other activities aimed at promoting statistics to the general public.
Farhana Jane S. Linso (Acting Statistical Analyst), on behalf of CRASD Chief Macud, presented the accomplishments of the Civil Registry Services (CRS) in ARMM. She showed the number of transactions facilitated by CRS by month and by type of document in the first semester of 2017 and plotted the performance of the local outlet in terms of meeting the service demands. According to her, the performance of ARMM CRS Outlet has been increasing at an average growth rate of 1.86 percent within this period. Moreover, Anwar S. Abdullah (Budget Officer) presented the 2018 Budget Estimate for AgStat and Former NSO Surveys of PSA-ARMM and its POs. This cost estimate is disaggregated by item and by month. Based on his report, PSA-ARMM will be needing Php23, 142, 993.88 total budget for the whole year statistical operation in 2018.
Hosni M. Ali (Supply Officer) and Abdulbasit E. Abdulsamad (Statistical Specialist II) discussed on the best practices of CRASD and SOCD, respectively. 
Mr. Ali highlighted the physical improvements in the regional office including the glass partitions and acquisition of other office facilities. He also provided an overview on the internal policies being followed in the office as preparation for the ISO Certification such as minimization of unnecessary movements, prohibition of going to the CRS Outlet and securing of gate pass when going out during office hours. On the other hand, Mr. Abdulsamad emphasized the use of various computer applications for a more efficient and high quality of outputs, especially in making publications. He also presented the proposed monitoring system that would allow the SOCD to monitor and assess the performance of POs in terms of submission of reports.
Moreover, GSD Chief Cajita introduced and thoroughly discussed the basic concepts of the QMS, ISO and GAD. According to him, the purpose of having a standardized and smooth operation has always been geared towards customer satisfaction. He also explained the meaning of each stanza of the PSA Quality Policy that every PSA employee must always embody and the PSA Field Awards that serves as a guide for a quality service.
At the end of the program, RD Asaad took the opportunity to administer the oath taking of the newly promoted employees of PSA-Sulu namely, Moh Sahnur S. Udjah (Statistical Analyst) and Munib K. Awalin (Statistical Analyst) who were promoted as Supervising Statistical Specialist and Statistical Specialist II, respectively.
RD Asaad congratulated everyone for having a successful Group Learning Session and Mid-Year Assessment which have shown a successful first six months of the year. Despite the challenges, he hopes that PSA-ARMM will continue the good performance and even become more efficient as the agency aims for ISO Certification in the following year.