Noronisa A. Macadadaya: A Biography

Dr. Noronisa Dimaronsing Macadadaya is the Provincial Statistics Officer of the PSA-Lanao del Sur Provincial Office. She is a native of the province, born on October 16, 1962 at Linuk Cawayan, Marantao, Lanao del Sur. She is married to Abdulcader G. Macadadaya, Ex-Captain, Philippine Army, Former Vice-Mayor of Taraka, Lanao del Sur and a businessman. She has six children, namely Norjannah (30 years old), Abdulhakim (29 years old), Abdulcader Jr. (26 years old), Abdulhalim (24 years old), Norhannah (23 years old) and Norlailah (20 years old).
Macadadaya graduated elementary from Sultan Guro Central Elementary School in 1975. She proceeded to Mindanao State University (MSU) – Marantao Community High School to finish secondary education in 1979. She graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the MSU – Marawi City Main Campus in 1987, then took her Master’s Degree in Public Administration in Organization Management at MSU – Maguindanao Graduate School in 1999. At the age of 52, received her diploma for Doctor of Philosophy Major in Public Administration at the Cotabato City State Polytechnic College.
Dr. Macadadaya was appointed at the National Statistics Office – ARMM (NSO-ARMM) as an Assistant Statistician in 1995 and remained in the position for six years. She was then promoted three times in just three years, from Statistician I to Statistician III. She stayed as Statistician III in the same office until the establishment of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in ARMM (PSA-ARMM) in January 2014. By 2015, Dr. Macadadaya was appointed as a Chief Statistical Specialists of Lanao de Sur up to present.
PSO Macadadaya
PSO Macadadaya is the only female among the five Provincial Statistics Officers (PSOs) in PSA-ARMM. Her colleagues describe her as one of the most dedicated employee in the government. During her time, NSOARMM was severely undermanned, thus most of the personnel needed to work beyond office hours. As the supervisor, PSO Macadadaya led this activity and even experienced living within the office premises just to cope up with the required reports. She loves working with her subordinates. 
At first impression, people may think of PSO Maacadadya as offensive due to the way she speaks. According to her colleagues who know her well, PSO Macadadaya’s tone just manifests her pride of being a Maranao, it’s natural. She is also very assertive and honest. She is not fond of sugar-coating opinions just to cover the hard truth behind each statement. 
These characteristics are also what her staffs like the most about her. She may appear hard, but she is actually an example of a very nurturing supervisor. She is strict in terms of performance, attendance and compliance and also gives consistent moral support to her employees.