Getting to Know CRASD Chief Hja. Cayang Macud

Hja. Cayang Magarang Macud, MPA is the Chief of the Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD) of the PSA-ARMM. Like SOCD, she is also addressed after her division, the CRASD, or simply Ma’am Cayang. She was born on August 13, 1965 in the Municipality of Poona-Bayabao, Lanao del Sur. She is happily married to Mr. Dazilo P. Macud and blessed with four children: Sittie Aina, Sittie Aisah, Abdul Alim and Sittie Asia. 
CRASD finished her primary education at Marawi Central Elementary Pilot School in 1977 and secondary education at Mindanao State University (MSU) – University Training Center in Marawi City in 1981. She took Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Major in Accounting in MSU-Main, Marawi City and graduated in 1988. CRASD also earned a Certificate in Governmental Management in MSU-Maguidanao in 2002 and a Master’s Degree on Public Administration in St. Benedict College, Cotabato City in 2008. 
Ma’am Cayang spends her whole career life in National Statistics Office (NSO), which is now the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). She started as a Statistical Researcher in 1996 and continued as an Emergency Employee until the following year. By the third quarter of 1997, she became a permanent employee of the agency and received her appointment as a Senior Bookkeeper. She was promoted as the Budget Officer II in 2002 and was elevated further to the position of Administrative Officer III in 2004. By virtue of the Budget Circular (BC) No. 2004-3, she was designated as Administrative Officer V in 2005 and stayed in the position until 2015. Upon the establishment of PSA-ARMM in 2015, she became the first Chief of the Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division in ARMM up until now.  
Behind her promising career and fast promotion, CRASD’s battle with the challenges in the agency has never been easy. Because of the lack of labor force and budget in the office in some period, she and some of her colleagues had even experienced serving as volunteers just to comply the statutory requirements of the institution. Within 21 years of service in the NSO and PSA, she encountered various types of leadership from different Regional Directors and diverse cultures from several colleagues of different values through the years. All of these became her foundation to be a leader that is sturdier than the trials to come. 
The jobs in PSA require an employee’s full dedication to carry out the tasks. As the CRASD Chief, Ma’am Cayang regularly visits and monitors the performance of her subordinates and maintains her accessibility even with the employees of the Provincial Offices. CRASD assures PSA-ARMM’s smooth transactions, both with its stakeholders and its labor force, through her division. Thus PSA-ARMM is more confident and more focused on its mandates knowing that the CRASD is always there to provide the necessary support and assistance.