Type of Frontline Services Fees Forms Processing Time (Under Normal Circumstances) Person In- Charge
Library Services
Walk-in Research

Borrowing/Returning Books and Publications


Researcher's Control Form and Borrower's Logbook

2 minutes

Statistical Staff/Information Officer

Telephone Research

Data Request (Limited to 3 data/figures request)



5 minutes

Statistical Staff/Information Officer

Data Services

Downloading Press Release and Statistical Data

Official data requests and other data not available for download




Official letter-request/e-mail (addressed to PSA Director/Chief Statistical Specialist)

5 minutes


Statistical Staff/Information Officer

Special tabulations/Public Use File (PUF) data tabulations For costing, depending on the tasks involved in generating the data requested Official letter-request/e-mail (addressed to PSA CO/RO/PO Heads) Variable Statistical Staff/Information Officer/Programmer/Subject Matter Specialist
Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon and 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Who May Avail of the Service: Researchers, students and others who are in need of statistical data for their academic researches, Feasibility studies and the like.
What are the Requirements: 1. Valid Identification Card (ID) to be presented to the guard on duty or to the library staff.
How to Avail of the Service:  
Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Person In- Charge Fees Form
Library Services
Walk-in Research
1 Accomplishes the Researcher's Control Form in the counter. Indicate the data to be researched. Evaluates the data to be researched. If available in the library, get the books/publications from the shelf. If not available, refer the researcher to other agencies where the requested publications may be secured. 2 minutes Statistical Staff/Information Officer None Researcher's Control Form
2 Looks for a vacant seat at the Library. Requests the researcher to fill-in the Acknowledgement Form if the data to be researched are available. 1 minutes Statistical Staff/Information Officer None Acknowledgement Form
Borrowing Books/Publications
1 Accomplishes the Borrower's Logbook in the Library. Indicate the borrower's name, title of the publication, date borrowed, address, signs the logbook and presents valid ID. Evaluates if the logbook is completely filled up. Get the publications from the shelf and give it to the researcher and informs him/her when he/she should return the publications. 2 minutes Statistical Staff/Information Officer None Researcher's Borrower's Logbook
2 Researcher brings home the publications.          
Returning Borrowed Books/Publications
1 Returns the books/publications borrowed to the Statistical Staff assigned at the Library Inspects the books/publications returned. Indicates the date when the publication was returned. 2 minutes Statistical Staff/Information Officer None Researcher's Borrower's Logbook
2 Wait for your identification card. Returns the identification card to the researcher. 1 minute Statistical Staff/Information Officer None  
Telephone Research
1 Identify yourself and give the name of your school/office and the purpose of the research. Writes the researcher's name, school/office and the requested data in the Researcher's Control Form. 2 minutes Statistical Staff/Information Officer None Researcher's Control Form
2 Requests politely for the needed data Dictates on the phone the requested data, if readily available. Otherwise, advice the caller to call back after 5 minutes. [Note: The library is allowed to give a maximum of three data/figures through telephone.] 5 minutes Statistical Staff/Information Officer None  



Fees: PhP155.00 (Birth, Marriage, Death) / PhP210.00 (Certificate of No Marriage Record - CENOMAR)

Forms: Color-coded Application Form (AF)

  • White - Birth

  • Pink - Marriage

  • Yellow - Death

  • Green - CENOMAR

Processing Time: within 1 hour after payment (for documents available in the database) / 4 working days (CENOMAR)

Person In Charge: Serbilis Outlets - Information Marshals, Screeners, Request Service Officers, Collecting Officers, Releasing Clerk, Care Officers, Outlet Supervisors, Outlet Managers (Metro Manila and Field Outlets)

What are the Requirements:

  1. Accomplished Application Form

  2. For Birth Certificate Application Only:

    • Valid ID is required for both the owner and requester of document.

    • Authorization letter and ID of the document owner together with the ID of the requester are required if the requester is not of the following:
      - parent;
      - spouse;
      - direct descendant;
      - legal guardian/institution in-charge, if minor.

How to Avail of the Service:

Step Applicant/ Client Service Provider *Duration of Activity Person In-Charge Fees Form
1 Gets AF and Queue Number from the Information Marshal and fill-out the required information Distributes the AF and provides the client with the queue number 1 minute Information Marshal   AF
2 Proceeds to the Screener Screens the AF to check if information is complete, consistent and readable. Stamps AF with "For Payment" 3 minutes Screener   AF/Q#
3 Pays to the Cashier/ Collecting Officer Issues OR and stamps OR for the date and time of the release 5 minutes Cashier/ Collecting Officer P140.00 (Birth, Marriage, Death)  AF
P195.00           (Certificate of No Marriage Record)
  Forwards request for processing (Encoding, Printing, Sorting, Releasing documents to the Releasing Clerk (by batch) Converted request within 1 hour  after payment Request Service Officer    
Unconverted request 12 working days
Annotated request 12 working days
Authentication request within 1 hour after payment
CENOMAR 3 working days
4 Proceeds to the Releasing Area Releases requested documents to the clients 3 minutes Releasing Clerk    
5 Proceeds to Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (PACD) if there are queries about the requested document Attends to the queries of the client variable Care Officer/ Outlet Supervisor/ Outlet Manager   AF

 * Waiting time is excluded in all processes.

  • Office/ Company I.D.
  • School I.D (unexpired)
  • SSS/GSIS/PAG-IBG/Philhealth
  • Professional License
  • Senior Citizen's I.D.
  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance I.D.
  • TIN Card.
  • PhilPost I.D.
  • Voter's I.D.
  • PWD I.D.
We are OPEN! Monday-Friday (7am-5pm)
  • No Noon Break!
  • All clients within the premises after 4:00pm will still be served.